Windows 7 Enterprise Integrated October 2011 x64 SP1-BIE

Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 Integrated October 2011 (C) 2011 Microsoft Corp.



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Windows 7 Activator v1.5

Windows 7Loader by Orbit30 And Hazar 32 & 64Bit v1.5

Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Activation with OEM Information

This activator works only for RTM ULTIMATE (Retail and OEM Edition)
It does NOT work on Ultimate ‘E’ (European) Edition.

Tested and working on both x86 and x64.
Works in Virtual Environment.
Works with dual-boot

No key is needed for install or activation.
The activation adds the OEM master key for you.
Select your OEM Information
No BIOS modification needed.
It has no boot text.
Uses OEM SLP method.

Supports SLIC and non-SLIC enabled BIOS:

Emulate a SLIC 2.1 enabled BIOS on a PC without SLIC 2.1 present…
Use ‘Install 7Loader’ to install the certificate & key to activate offline…

If you have a modded BIOS, you can use ‘SLIC 2.1 in BIOS’ to just install the certificate & key to activate offline without having to use a loader.



Recommend a clean Windows 7 Installation.

You must remove all modifications made by previous 7Loaders and Orbit30 Win7 Tool Kit (1.8 toolkit was for pre-RTM).
You will probably need to do a clean installation anyway.

Disable UAC to be safe.

1 – Run the ’7Loader’ on your Windows Partition
2 – Wait until the Window activity finishes
3 – Reboot

* Multi-boot: Works with dual-boot, however if you have Windows Vista activated with VistaLo├Ąder, then you’ll need to reactivate it after you’ve activated Windows 7.
Use OpaTool and select ‘B’ (DO NOT USE choice C on Vista).


Better UI
Better loader code
Added More slic 2.1 certs for in bios option
Music removed
Fixed OEM branding removal
added all OEM Registery info to vb GUI
Tweaked GUI
Added install code to vb GUI
Added new Uninstall code to vb GUI
Added new 7Loader status to vb GUI


Ignore any error about services starting. It is normal.
Ignore any “disc not in drive error” It could be your card reader,etc


Do not install on systems with dynamic disks to prevent an un-bootable condition.
This is a limitation of grub4dos.


Enterprise, Home Premium and other editions?
There are no certificates/keys for those versions yet. When there are, activators will be updated.
Only the Ultimate edition is supported for activation.


Microsoft blacklisted the key we use for activation?
If the leaked OEM product key is blacklisted, ultimately unblockable OEM-SLP product keys for Windows 7 that deliver with PCs will be leaked when shipped in October. The Activators will be updated.


Disable (optional) communications with the Wga server (You will still pass Wga and download updates): Add to your hosts file.


Windows 7 E?
You will not be able to activate your Windows. Microsoft has decided to cancel all E versions. You will need to install a non-E version sooner or later to use and activate Windows 7.


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